What to Do with Your Expo Heat Transfer Items

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In the past, going to tradeshows and expos was a great way to gain leads and more business. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, most of them have been cancelled or shifted to online versions. Even those that are running are experiencing fewer attendees. What can you do if you already had a nice order of heat transfer items and they are sitting unused in your storeroom or warehouse? Easy! It might be a bit harder to get them distributed and gain business, but it is possible. Here are a few tips that will have you not only using up your current supply, but ordering more heat transfer items:

  • Online expo- Take part in the online version. True, you won’t have people standing in front of you to hear your sales pitch, but they will be watching. The reality is that your heat transfer items can give you more leads this way instead of less. When people walk by an expo table, they grab the freebies and many might not leave their contact information. When people ask for your swag online, they have to submit their mailing address so that you can ship it to them. Every item equals a lead! In addition, you’ll attract business from farther away, which can be really beneficial for product sales or deciding on whether to open another location for service offerings.

What to Do with Your Expo Heat Transfer Items

  • Sell on your website- You aren’t making any money with them sitting in a box, so even if you sell them at what you paid for them, you are in a better position. Even if you take a loss, consider that you would not have gotten anything for them at the expo other than potentially a lead. Selling at any amount gets you an income and a lead!
  • Use as giveaways on social media- There are many different contests you could run on social media that will gain attention to your business and ultimately provide several leads in the process.

If you would like more heat transfer items to utilize these or other methods for distributing your promotional items, reach out to us at Artwear Inc. in Kernersville, North Carolina. We will be happy to help you create appealing items that are sure to boost your business even in these more challenging times. There can often be a silver lining in a dark cloud, and this might just be that for your company!