The Benefits of Being a PSST Partner

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When you are involved in ongoing orders of personalized custom embroidery items, you need to know that the company has your back when it comes to the most efficient processes in place. One of the things to look for in the company you choose is whether they have partnered with PSST.

PSST stands for “Pack Separately. Ship Together.” There are many benefits involved that go beyond the free freight offered by other options. First of all, there is a specialized service team ready to help keep orders on track. This minimizes delays so you get your order when you need it. Another benefit is that there is a spoilage fund for those instances when something goes wrong. In addition, if you change your mind, you won’t have to pay a restocking fee.

At Artwear Inc., we have been a PSST partner for 10 years, since shortly after the program began. We have been more than happy with it, as it helps us reduce costs and improve efficiencies. That equates to better service to our customers and the ability to maximize our production to meet even the largest orders. We offer a variety of printing services, custom embroidery, and much more. We are always thinking outside the box to deliver you the best experience from start to finish, and we believe being a PSST partner is one of the smartest things we ever did to be able to serve your needs better than anyone in the Kernersville, North Carolina area. Reach out today to learn more.