Heat Transfer Trends for 2021

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There are many ways that you can utilize the services of a heat transfer company to create stunning and trending products for your business. Any marketing campaign strives to differentiate your business from your competitors, so when you show yourself to be in tune with what the public wants, it can boost your market share tremendously. Here are a few heat transfer trends for 2021 that could give your company the boost you are looking to achieve this year:

  • Mixed media clothing- Instead of keeping your entire message the same, mix it up with different textures built on top of one another for a unique and impressive result.

Heat Transfer Trends for 2021

  • Full-color logo- If you have a great logo but it isn’t in full color, consider a facelift to add more colors. Even if you are committed to one color scheme, don’t be afraid to use different shades to make the logo more noticeable and professional.
  • Put your logo on everything- And we mean everything! There are few things that can’t be adorned with heat transfer, so consider your warehouse workers’ safety vests, your sales team’s hats, face masks for your staff, corporate gifts, backpacks for your staff members’ children, and anything else you can think of.

If you would like to push your company to the next level, consider the many ways you can use heat transfer to do it. Reach out to us at Artwear Inc., located in Kernersville, North Carolina, to learn more about our many services, including custom embroidery, heat transfer, laser etching, and other printing services.