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We offer high-quality dye sublimation services to help you customize a wide variety of products.

We at Artwear Inc. have been customizing clothing and other items for many years, and one thing we’ve learned is that not all fabrics respond well to the same treatments. For example, UV printing is not ideal for polyester fabrics, as the result ends up looking like a sticker or label placed on the fabric and not a print embedded into the fibers. Instead, we prefer to use dye sublimation on all polyester items, as this printing technique dyes the fibers themselves, leaving the fabric just as fluid and drapey as it was before, rather than making it crusty or stiff as UV printing would. With dye sublimation, you won’t have to worry about the design becoming scratched or scraping off, either.

Dye Sublimation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dye sublimation can be used on any item made of polyester fibers or anything with a polyester resin coating. This includes a wide variety of products, including fabric goods such as flags, tablecloths, banners, apparel, and even mouse pads, as well as hard goods such as metal plates, tiles, coffee mugs, and snowboards. This technique involves using heat to sublimate solid pigments into a gaseous form—the dye vapors then penetrate into the fabric fibers or cling to the surface of the item, where they dry into the final design.

Our team is proud to serve the community here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we are here to help you create the ideal custom items for your needs. To learn more about our dye sublimation process, simply give us a call.

At Artwear Inc., we offer dye sublimation services for customers throughout North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point, Concord, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greenville, as well as Charleston and Greer, South Carolina and Richmond, Virginia.