Order Form Faqs

If I do not have my Design ID, can I still input my design using the Design File #?
While we would prefer to have the Design ID, you can input it using the Design File # only.
If I am picking it up at Artwear Inc., what do I put for the Ship Method as it is a required field?
Just put “Pick-up”. Artwear has a Shipping and Receiving area in the back.
What do “Standard Size” and “Other Size” mean?
As it pertains to technology, Standard Size means Small through XXXL (S,M,L,XL,XXL and XXXL), all other sizes, One Size Fits All (OSFA), and non-sized items are all considered “Other Sizes”.
When I edit an Item, I do not see a button to save my changes.
Simply click Edit Standard/Other Size again, and your changes will be saved.
What Part Number do I use for Fold and Bag, or Label?
You can put instructions like this in “Notes to Production”.
I want to add a split ship spreadsheet. How do I send that over?
You can attach an Excel spreadsheet on the order using the “Select files” button.
I selected/attached the wrong file to the order; how do I remove it?
Click the red X next to the file to remove it.
How can I track my orders?
You can track your orders by requesting access to our Manage Orders software here:

Request ManageOrders Access

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